01What is Pioneer Smart Sync App?

Pioneer Smart Sync app is the one-stop solution for getting the most out of your smartphone. Enjoy the freedom of smart functions, lifting your driving experience to a new level. Enjoy the Driver Pilot Mode with it analogue speed meter or switch to Personal Photo Mode in a click, and bring your family into your car. You can now select any picture you want as a wallpaper.

The Pioneer Smart Sync app also lets you personalise the sound in your car to the type of music you enjoy with 31-band graphic equalisation. Discover many other benefits including message reading, parking assist, emergency calling, navigating with Voice Control (Alexa) and more. Your car, your music, your world. Download the app now on your smartphone.

Listen to your favourite artists in true Pioneer sound quality, and switch easily from your favourite music app to the radio or from the radio to Bluetooth® audio in just one click.

02What are the other benefits of Pioneer Smart Sync App?

The Pioneer Smart Sync App offers many different benefits, but the heart of it is to offer a display for your Car Audio, one that embraces multi sources and one touch access, including easy operation of music, navigations, messages and calling.


Get a grip on your speed, oil temperature, fuel consumption and much more. The Pioneer Smart Sync App collects all your driving data on your phone screen. Connect an OBDII code reader*, install the app and access your driving information easily. From RPM, to battery voltage, coolant temperature, current fuel consumption, drive time, distance driven, average speed, etc.

It’s easy to do if you have a Pioneer Car Audio with Smart Sync app. Connect your iPhone or Android smartphone via Bluetooth to a compatible OBD-II code reader (optional and sold separately) that’s plugged into the vehicle’s OBD-II port, and read and clear diagnostic codes, view drive information, average speed, mpg and more in the Pioneer Smart Sync app.

Where can I plug in my OBDII code reader?

OBDII connector ports are always found inside the car, but the location differs depending on model of your vehicle. The most common position is under the dashboard on the driver’s side. If you are not able to find the connector port, consult your owner’s manual of your vehicle.

Pioneer Smart Sync is compatible with the following OBDII code readers;
(See the brand, the model numbers, the descriptions of the OBDII code readers)

OBDII code readers for iPhone

OBDII code readers for Android phone

Caution: OBD-II code readers are not Pioneer products and Pioneer is not responsible for their use. There may be risks in the case of faulty performance of an OBD-II code reader including potential vehicle battery drain or introducing security vulnerabilities. Research the benefits and risks of using an OBD-II code reader before connecting one to your vehicle.


You have a Dash mode screen which has a speedometer and a clock and an interface for music source. You can customize the menu screen, changing the positions of the icons, or replacing them with other.


You can easily change your audio environment just by selecting a preset equalizer curve, adjusting the 31 bands in the curve to create your own custom sound. You have a Live Simulation with live music effects such as crowd cheers, clapping. If you set Super Todoroki Sound, you have bass sound boosted and mid-high range sound automatically adjusted in order to add impact and clarity to your audio environment. You can also adjust speaker output timing, taking into consideration the distances between your seated position and each speaker (Time Alignment).


Pioneer Smart Sync simplifies one-button access to operations that make it easier for you to start a navigation app and have your messages read.


Once you've connected your messaging app to Pioneer Smart Sync, you can always have your messages read out with the touch of a button.


With Pioneer Smart Sync, all it takes is one button to instantly respond to incoming calls. With Phone Key, you can even access your phone's address book with the touch of a button, making it easier to make calls.


You can operate the Pioneer Smart Sync app simply with your voice, allowing you to pay full attention to the road while starting navigation, playing music, or opening your phone’s address book.


Combine an optional parking sensor with the Smartphone Receivers for greater safety when parking. The sensor detects obstacles behind the car, sending information to your phone on the object's distance and direction as well as the danger level.

*Compatible with SPH-20DAB & SPH-10BT Smartphone Receivers. Pioneer ND-PS1 sensors required, sold separately.


If there is an accident and the phone sensor detects an impact, Pioneer Smart Sync will immediately notify a registered emergency contact, helping to ensure the prompt arrival of assistance.


Ask Alexa to play music, hear the news, check the weather and more through this app with a touch of a button.

Note: Availability of each service may vary depending on your country & phone model. “Pioneer Smart Sync” app is required.

03What is Pioneer Smart Sync app compatible with?

Pioneer Smart Sync app is compatible with a vast range of compatible Pioneer receivers, increasing safety and enhancing the driver experience. The smartphone application provides you with direct access to mobile navigation and high-quality car audio - enjoy driving your car as never before!

In addition, thanks to Alexa built-in, you can ask Alexa to play music, hear the news, check the weather and more through this app with a touch of a button*.

Remark; Availability of non-Pioneer content and services, including apps and connectivity, may change without notice due to changes in operating systems, firmware or app versions.

04What are the Car Audio models with Pioneer Smart Sync App?

Pioneer Smart Sync is compatible with an expanding range of receivers.
Check our products here and Discover Smarter Driving!




* Remark; Pioneer Smart Sync app is available also with the following products. SPH-10BT, MVH-S520BT, MVH-S510BT, MVH-S420BT, MVH-S410BT, MVH-S42BT, MVH-S41BT, MVH-S320BT, MVH-S310BT, DEH-S520BT, DEH-S510BT, DEH-S420BT, DEH-S410BT, DEH-S42BT, DEH-S41BT, DEH-S320BT, DEH-S310BT, FH-S720BT

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Pioneer Car Audio technology is constantly evolving, and we regularly update the Pioneer Smart Sync app with new features. Be the first to know about the latest product information, firmware updates and other topics by registering via My Account. For full expandable features, Pioneer Smart Sync app requires an optional third-party OBD-II code reader, sold separately. Visualise driving data such as average speed and fuel consumption through the third-party OBD II code reader plugged into your vehicle. To find a compatible third-party OBD-II code reader, sold separately, visit our Pioneer Smart Sync page for more information.

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